LED Downlights

LED Downlights

LED Downlights

Reliable, effective, and attractive, recessed LED downlights are a trusted light source used in the majority of Australian homes. Lights2you offers a wide variety of LED downlights to suit any décor.

Selecting an LED downlight is mainly about the LED light bulb as there are many differing types to choose from. LED light bulbs can differ substantially in their lumen output and beam angles meaning spacings between LED downlights can vary.

Lights2you is always testing new LED light bulbs as they hit the market, making sure you receive the right product with the right information, for the right price.

After you have selected your LED light bulb it’s time to select your frame. The frame of the downlight is the most visible component so it’s important to find the correct frame that looks the best with the rest of your décor.

Downlight frames come in a variety of colours and designs with some fixed or adjustable, round or square, white or satin chrome. Which design will suit your space?

Home LED lighting is a growing trend in Australian lighting so once you’ve chosen the best option for your home, buy the best LED downlights, LED downlight kit and more from Lights2you and upgrade your home.

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