Asfour Crystal

asfour crystal

Established in 1961, Asfour Crystal has a deep-rooted history and continues to lead the industry in innovation and quality, lighting up rooms and lives with a degree of sophistication.

Asfour Crystal was established in the great city of Cairo on an area of 2,200 square meters. The business started with manpower of 200 workers and simple tank kilns (ovens) were used as main production tools at the time.

Today, Asfour Crystal is the largest single manufacturer of full-cut lead crystal in the world, as well as one of the biggest chandelier manufacturers in the world.


The company is based on a build-up that exceeds 1.2 million square meters and employs more than 35,000 highly selected employees. Asfour's highly skilled workers use the most sophisticated tools and techniques in the field, most of which have been designed, developed & manufactured within the boundaries of our factory.

The production capacity is up to more than 170 tons of crystal per day, this makes Asfour Crystal the leading international manufacturer of the finest quality of transparent and colored full lead crystal (more than 30% PbO.)

Famous worldwide for their precision cuts, clarity and sparkle, Asfour Crystal is the largest producer of full-lead crystal in the world.

Asfour Crystal is:

  • The world's largest producer of full lead crystal.
  • The world's biggest built-up facilities for crystal production.
  • The world's single largest employer of skilled crystal workforce.
  • The world's most used crystal brand by European & key international chandelier manufacturers.

Asfour Crystal is committed to providing beautiful lighting, world-class products and achieving excellence each passing day.

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