Add More Glamour to Your Restaurant with the Right Lighting Fixtures!

Light creates ambience and feel of a place, as well as the expression of the structure,” said Le Corbusier, and light fixtures are the essential feature of restaurant design as they offer a perfect mix of what is served there and what your guests love. Along with the furniture, space, colours, and textures, light fixtures play a significant role in a restaurant.

According to the study conducted by Cornell University on Lighting and music in restaurants found that individuals who have consumed meals in brighter lighting ate more food and enjoyed their dining experience than individuals eating in dimmer lights.

Gone are the days when restaurant lighting consists of a maximum number of light bulbs on the ceiling. Whether you need to add more glamour to your restaurant or make it more contemporary, here are a few things to consider when lighting your restaurant.

Types of Lighting

It is no wonder that lighting is as crucial as your establishment aims to attract. Lighting in your restaurant can make or break the dining experience. There are three kinds of restaurant lighting including ambient, task, and accent lighting. Each type serves a different purpose and can be accomplished through different light fixtures.

Ambient Lighting

It is the primary source of light in a space, and it can be natural light or provided with overhead fixtures.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting allows your back end and front end operation team to perform tasks that require a concentrated light source. You can accomplish this through overhead lamps, fluorescent lights in your kitchen or a small table lamp.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting helps emphasise a specific element in your restaurant’s decor. Mostly it is used to construct a focal point around your front-of-house operation to enhance the ambience and dining experience.

How restaurant lighting impact your restaurant’s mood?

There are different lighting levels which can be used to set the perfect mood in your restaurant and the customers can either be drawn to your establishment or putt of due to poor and dim lighting.

Even though dimmer lighting can enhance the dining experience and create a more relaxed and serene ambiance, a lack of lighting can affect the appeal of your restaurant. The real challenge is choosing the light fixture that complements your restaurant’s decor.

Popular restaurant lighting fixtures found in an Australian lighting store

Pendant Lights

A pendant light can be used both Front of house and Back of house operation as they provide an excellent task lighting for guests when reading menus or cooking. As it hangs from the ceiling can be positioned over tables, bars, counterparts, and host areas.


Chandeliers from lights online Australia is sure to add a splash of elegance to your restaurant’s decor. In fact, if you want to showcase any specific element or decor in your restaurant, you can’t go wrong with chandeliers.

Wall lamps

It provides accent lighting and can be used to showcase artwork or mirrors.

LED lights

LED lights are trending in restaurant lighting as they are more energy efficient than other options. LED lights are an ideal choice for restaurants that are not looking for decorative lights.

Utility lighting

This type of lighting doesn’t offer any specific design but plays a significant role in rooms dedicated to service and function.

Lighting is an extremely essential feature in your restaurant design so choose the right light that suits your decor.

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