Crystal Chandeliers:

What makes Crystal Chandeliers Sparkle?   

Crystals start from non-crystalline Glass that is typically brittle and optically transparent. To improve the Glass properties Lead in the form of Lead Oxide [PbO] is added to increase its density. Increasing the density of Glass results in an increase in the refractive properties and clarity of the crystal making them sparkle.

Asfour Crystal Chandelier

Why do some Crystal Chandeliers sparkle more than others? 

The main factor that differentiates all crystals is the percentage of lead oxide that is added into the crystal composition. The higher the percentage of lead oxide in the glass the greater the density and therefore the more vibrant the colours are reflected and refracted from it.

Crystals generally fall into 4 main categories:

Crystal Categories

Here are some well-known Crystal compositions:

Crystal Compositions

Asfour Crystal Chandelier

Why are there huge price differences with Crystal Chandeliers?

With Crystal Chandeliers “You get what you pay for” as with most high-end products. As Crystal Chandeliers can be made with cheaper forms of Crystal as well as Cheaper, less reliable frames, some Crystal Chandeliers can be a fraction of the cost of a high quality Crystal Chandelier.

An Affordable Crystal Chandelier will generally be made from your Acrylic or Glass but won’t give that amazing sparkle that a Full Lead Crystal would.

A Quality Crystal Chandelier is made with Full Lead Crystals that reflect a rainbow of colours and along with a high quality frame it will sparkle for many years to come.

For a high quality Crystal Chandelier the top brands are Asfour Crystal and Swarovski Crystal due to their secret formulas that obtain 30% or greater lead oxide [PbO] content in the crystals making them sparkle much more than the rest.

The main difference between Asfour and Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers is the price. A Swarovski Crystal Chandelier can cost up to three times as much as an Asfour Crystal Chandelier making it simple to decide what to buy:

The answer is Asfour

Asfour Crystal is the largest single manufacturer of full-cut lead crystal in the world, as well as one of the biggest Chandelier manufacturers in the world.

Asfour Crystal was established in 1961 and is based on a build-up that exceeds 1.2million square meters and employs more than 35,000 highly selected employees. Asfour’s highly skilled workers use the most sophisticated tools and techniques in the field, most of which have been designed, developed and manufactured with the boundaries of the Asfour Factory.

Today Asfour Crystal is:

  • The world's largest producer of full lead crystal.
  • The world's biggest built-up facilities for crystal production.
  • The world's single largest employer of skilled crystal workforce.
  • The world's most used crystal brand by European & key international chandelier manufacturers.

Asfour Crystal is committed to providing beautiful lighting, world-class products and achieving excellence each passing day.

Asfour Crystal Chandelier

What size Crystal Chandelier do I need?

If you are thinking about a Crystal Chandelier then you’re thinking about making a statement

The main factor to consider is the location where the Crystal Chandelier will be situated:

  • What are the Dimensions of the Room?
  • How high is the Ceiling?
  • Are there any other light sources?

Depending on what statement you wish to portray the size of room will be a factor. If you are installing a Crystal Chandelier for a small room then a smaller sized Crystal will do the job, if however the room is big then obviously a large Crystal Chandelier will be required.

Choosing the size of a Crystal Chandelier is a common mistake made with people selecting a smaller, safer option and later realizing that it isn’t making that statement they hoped it would. When Choosing you Crystal Chandelier it’s better to be safe than sorry so selecting a slightly larger size is a safe option.

Hanging a Crystal Chandelier is another important factor to consider and another mistake commonly made. The first thing to look at is the height of your ceiling and then ask yourself, What type of Crystal Chandelier do I need?

If a Crystal Chandelier will hang to low then Lights2you has other Crystal options such as Crystal Close to Ceiling (CTC) fixtures that will suit your needs.

Asfour Crystal CTC

After you have decided that a Crystal Chandelier is suitable for your room then you need to decide how high can the Crystal Chandelier be without it hanging to low and affecting anyone.

High Ceilings:

If you have a high Ceiling then a Crystal Chandelier will need to be bigger and hung much lower to maximize its affect. If the Crystal Chandelier is hung too high it will cause the chandelier to get lost and minimize its affect.

As a rule of thumb the higher the ceiling, the bigger the Crystal Chandelier required to make that statement.

Lights2you supplies all relevant dimensions of Crystal Chandeliers allowing you to choose a Chandelier that will suit your needs.

Once you have the basics covered then it’s time to go shopping, Lights2you has a wide variety of Crystal Chandeliers to cater to everyone’s needs.

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