L2U-742 RGB LED Controller

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L2U-742 RGB LED Controller


  • Designed for RGB LED Brightness Control
  • Built-in 18 Pre-Set Mode Plus Adjustable Brightness & Speed Functions
  • Adjustable 256 Grey Scale for Fine & Smooth Change or Brightness
  • Static Brightness and Colour Control: 16 Steps for Each RGB Channel, i.e. 4096 Different Colours
  • Three RGB Independent Control Channels to Create Full Colour Control
  • Each Channel has a Maximum Output Current of 6A
  • 432w Max Power Output at 24v
  • Equipped with Key Panel and IR Remote Controller
  • Key Panel is Compatible with Branded 6 Gang Switch Plates


Please view specifications tab for dimensions.

LED Strip Light
Input Output Voltage (V) 5-24v
Max Output Current (A) 3 x 3 Channels
Max Output Power at 24v (W) 144 x 3 Channels
Ta (Co) -20 --- +50
Dimensions Controller
(L x W x H)
145 x 80 x 30
Dimensions Key Board
(L x W x H)
  72 x 46 x 38

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