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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions carefully before making any purchases. This website is operated by lights2you (ABN: 57 150 540 935).

1. Agreement

1.1 An agreement is formed between you, the user of the website and us,  through the process of placing an order of product/s from through our website. The order is confirmed by us when an order confirmation number is issued to the customer in respect to that order. Once an order confirmation number is given a contract is formed.

2. Price

2.1 The price of the product/s is the specified price in the order confirmation.

2.2 Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST.

3. Delivery and Shipping

3.1 Delivery will only be within Australia.

3.2 Delivery costs will be calculated during order checkout and added to price of product/s.

3.3 will deliver the product/s to the location specified in the order. Where no location is specified, product/s will be delivered to customer’s address specified in the order. Where no customer address is specified products will be held until an address can be determined.

3.4 will attempt to dispatch the product/s within 5 business days from date specified in order.

3.5 Subject to clause 4.1 if a product/s is not able to be dispatched due to unexpected factors, will notify the customer of the circumstance and attempt to offer a new deliver date.

3.5 Subject to clause 4.2. If a product/s is found to be discontinued and is not available for delivery then:

(a) will offer the customer with a similar model of specified product/s.

(b) If no similar model can be found then agreement will be terminated and all funds reimbursed.

3.6 Should the consumer not agree to clause 3.5(a) the agreement will be terminated and all funds reimbursed in accordance with clause 6.

3.6 Should the consumer agree to clause 3.5(a) a new agreement will be formed with new order confirmation number that will be given.

3.7 Delivery of products will be conducted Monday to Friday during business hours, 9am-5pm. If a customer requests for product/s to be delivered outside this time frame then the customer will be charged the additional delivery fees incurred from courier companies. The new delivery day/time will be agreed to between and customer. 

(a) The additional delivery fee is to be paid prior to product/s being dispatched.

(b) If no acceptable delivery day and time can be determined product/s will be send to closest Australia Post outlet to be held until customer is available.

4. Availability

4.1 All product availabilities are based on our last known stock numbers from our warehouses and manufacturers and quantities are always fluctuating. If at the time of ordering products are unavailable and cannot be dispatched within agreed timeframe will notify the customer of when they will be expected to be dispatched.

4.2 If a product is found to be discontinued from our manufacturers will notify the customer and give the option of:

(a) will offer the customer with a similar model of specified product/s.

(b) If no similar model can be found then agreement will be terminated and all funds reimbursed.

4.3 Should the consumer not agree to clause 4.2(a) the agreement will be terminated and all funds reimbursed in accordance with clause 6.

5. Payment

5.1 The payable amount will be the amount specified in the order form.

5.2 Payment will be processed after the customer has successfully completed the checkout and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

5.3 Full payment is required before any product/s can be dispatched. 

6. Refund

6.1 Payments made by credit/debit cards will be refunded into the same card.

6.2 Payments made by cash or cheque will be refunded by cheque.  

7. Returns

7.1 Should a customer wish to change the product/s from the agreement after payment has been processed reserves the right to act in its own discretion to whether the product/s can be returned.

7.2 A product may be returned providing that:

(a) The product is unopened and unused.

(b) The consumer pays all delivery fees incurred during the process.

(c) The consumer pays a re-stocking fee of 30% of price stated on tax invoice.

(d) The Consumer returns the product within 30 days of purchase.

7.3 Should a product be damaged or faulty upon arrival contact within 14 days upon receiving product to arrange replacement.

7.4 A product is considered faulty if it is unable to operate from when it is opened from it packaging.

7.5 If a product is deemed to be faulty, will arrange for replacement product to be dispatched at no additional costs. If product is no longer available a refund or store credit will be offered.

7.6 A replacement product will be dispatched at our expense provided that:

(a) has deemed product to be indeed damaged or faulty.

(b) The product is returned with proof of purchase.

(c) The product is returned within 14 days upon receiving product.

(d) Product is returned with original packaging.

7.7 If a product is deemed not to be damaged or faulty will not replace the product/s and may charge administration fees of $50.

7.8 If the product is no longer available all funds will be reimbursed in accordance with clause 6.

8. Warranty

8.1 Products sold from are covered by a 12 month manufactures replacement warranty, with the exception of globes, unless stated otherwise in product description.

8.2 Replacement warranty only covers the replacement of the product and does NOT cover any additional electrical charges, charged by electrical contractors.

8.3 Product warranties are only valid within Australia.

8.4 Warranties start from date of purchases stated on the invoice provided.

8.5 Should the customer wish to make a warranty claim please contact us to obtain the relevant manufactures details.

9. Product Information

9.1 Product descriptions and specifications have been created with the intention to help customers understand the product, however some products descriptions may contain technical or typographical errors. does not provide any warranty or guarantee that the product information is accurate. If an error is made we will correct the information as soon as possible.

9.2 Product Images on this website are from manufactures and are taken professionally under correct lighting conditions. This may cause images to vary from the actual product. Some measurements are provided to help correctly understand the product.

9.3 Product prices may change at any time due to sales starting and finishing or due to errors arising from misprints or human errors. reserves the right to make changes to prices at any time without any notice.

9.4 Should a product be purchased at an incorrect price reserves the right to terminate agreement and correct product prices.

9.5 Should you receive a product that does not correlate with the description please contact

9.6 does not accept any responsibility of inaccurate information provided from WebCrawler’s.

10. Legal Capacity

10.1 By purchasing a product on you are warranting that you are over 18 years of age and ability to make a legally binding contract.

10.2 If the purchase is made by a minor using our website and any damages or losses are suffered as a result, reserves the right to seek compensation for all losses incurred from the parents or guardians of the minor who made the transaction.

11. Governing Law

11.1 Any argument relating to the terms and conditions between and the customer shall be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia

12. Limitation of Liability

12.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, accepts no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage coming from the use of this website or any information it contains. The use of this website is at the users own risk.

12.2 Subject to the ‘Consumer Act’ with respect to any statutory guarantees, when a problem with a product purchased arises the consumer is limited to:

(a) Replacement of the product or equivalent.

(b) Payment of the product.

13. Changes to Terms

13.1 These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without any notice.