LED Drivers

LED drivers are used to power LED lighting systems by providing a constant voltage to the LED module.

It is important that the power source gives the correct voltage for the LED to function correctly. If the voltage is too low it can cause the LED to be dim or even unlit. If the voltage is too high it will mean the current is too high for the LED which can cause overheating and potentially destroy the LED module.

LED drivers are available in a variety of wattages in both electronic and magnetic form and provide a DC (Direct Current) output to the LED module.

Choosing the correct wattage

The LED Driver must always be greater than the total wattage of the LED module/s.

It is recommended to have at least a 10% larger LED driver to account for line drops within the LED circuit. 

An example:

Installing 3 x 9w LED Downlights will require 27w of power.  

There are two installation options:

  1. Connect all 3 LED downlights in series with a 30w LED driver or greater.
  2. Individually attach a 10w LED driver or greater to each LED downlight.